Our Services

Marketing Advisors to the Legal Industry

Firm Evolution provides marketing guidance and support to individual lawyers and law firms in the Pacific Northwest, Intermountain West and Midwest.

A changing marketplace, savier buyers of legal services, and increased levels of competition continue to change the way law firms operate.  Pressure for firms and practice groups to carefully analyze and methodically develop strategic plans has never been so important. Establishing a solid competitive position, identifying opportunities, and implementing effective approaches is the recipe for law firm longevity. With the constantly evolving business and legal landscape, firms’ must anticipate the likelihood of change in both subtle and dramatic ways.

Words From Our Clients

"I have known Jennifer for over 15 years. We initially met when she was the Marketing Director of a large firm where I practiced. She has amazing attention to detail, is creative and responsive to the needs of attorneys."...


We've been advising law firms from the beginning – we were there during the revolutionary impact of the Internet and the sweeping changes of the 90's.  Markets, industries and businesses have evolved considerably since then – we've supported and guided our law firms' marketing, business development and client servce needs every step of the way.