Our Team

Our Team

Whether you are the managing partner of a law firm, leader of a practice or industry group, or an individual attorney – as an owner, associate or of counsel position – we are available to help with your unique marketing needs.

Jennifer Macqueen Iverson
President & CEO

Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Firm Evolution.  Applying over 30 years experience, Jennifer assists law firms, practice groups, individual lawyers, and other legal industry clients, with a wide range of strategies.  Prior to establishing Firm Evolution, she served as the in-house marketing director of four prominent West Coast law firms based in Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle and Anchorage, Alaska.  With Firm Evolution now based in Madison, Wisconsin, it continues to work with law firms in the Pacific Northwest, Intermountain West and Midwest markets.

Collaborative Partners

In addition to the strategic vision and oversight Jennifer provides, when necessary, Firm Evolution draws on the expertise of its highly experienced partners and industry experts.  This collaborative team includes specialists in the following areas:

  • Media Experts
  • Professional Writers
  • Presentation Skills Trainers
  • Social Media Advisors
  • Website Design & Online Marketing Experts
  • Brand Development Specialists
  • Corporate Photographers
Who We’ve Worked With
  •  <p>Ater Wynne</p> <p>
  •  <p>Betts Patterson Mines</p> <p>
  •  <p>Bullivant </p> <p>
  •  <p>Cairncross</p> <p>
  •  <p>Christensen</p> <p>
  •  <p>Foster Pepper</p> <p>
  •  <p>Foster Law</p> <p>
  •  <p>Graham & Dunn</p> <p>
  •  <p>Hanson Baker</p> <p>
  •  <p>HCMP</p> <p>
  •  <p>Inslee Best</p> <p>
  •  <p>Judicial Dispute</p> <p>
  •  <p>Law Offices of Stephen Hansen</p> <p>
  •  <p>Macdonald hoague</p> <p>
  •  <p>Miller Nash</p> <p>
  •  <p>Ogden Murphy </p> <p>
  •  <p>Oles Morrison</p> <p>
  •  <p>Peterson Russell</p> <p>
  •  <p>Puget Sound </p> <p>
  •  <p>Short Cressman</p> <p>
  •  <p>Snow Christensen</p> <p>
  •  <p>Stokes Law</p> <p>
  •  <p>Veris</p> <p>
  •  <p>Yarmuth Wilsdon</p> <p>
  •  <p>YOM</p> <p>