Brand Foundation

Brand Foundations for Law Firms

Firm Evolution is a leading industry expert in law firm branding.  We provide law firms with recommendations and guidance on the full range of visual, content, messaging and other branding elements.  We work in tandem with our clients to create a brand that reflects the personality of their firm and that resonates with clients and prospects.  We are often called upon to step in during a branding process that is already underway.  Given our experience in this unique industry, and familiarity with law firms nationwide, clients value our knowledgeable insights about standards and buyer expectations.

We assist with positioning your firm and the services you provide in a unique light that encourages clients to choose you over the competition.  We provide guidance and recommendations on creating and maintaining a solid brand platform; the strength of such a foundation will better ensure continued growth and practice evolution.  A comprehensive brand package and process might include:

  • Brand messaging – define what differentiates you
  • Visual identity development
  • Logo creation (variations if needed)
  • Business paper systems (letterhead, business cards, labels, and other identity materials)
  • Name variations and tagline development

We provide law firms with oversight and guidance on the entire branding process, from development through launch, and also provide feedback as needed during any phase of the branding process.

Interested in a new or revised brand?

Branding experts at Firm Evolution are available to help. Our wide range of law firm marketing services will be tailored to your marketing and business development needs. Contact Firm Evolution to learn more about how we can be of assistance.

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Firm Evolution carries a unique expertise in public relations and media relations issues faced by law firms.

Within 24-hours of Instagram announcing a change in privacy settings for their online images, we secured significant interest among local news reporters which resulted in several media interviews of our client, Short Cressman lawyer...

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