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Enhance your law firm’s image, update the design, functions and content

Creating, maintaining and evolving your online presence is an absolute must in today’s market.  Law firms with updated, relevant, user friendly, and truly effective website experiences are essential to building a successful practice.  No law firm or lawyer is immune from the option to carry a strong platform and unique position in this marketing medium.

Law firms of all sizes and practice mixes are continuously reinventing themselves through cutting edge and highly effective websites.  With the constantly changing markets and advanced technologies, a law firm’s website is an essential tool for maintaining and expanding a firm’s overall image.   With COVID-19 and the remote working conditions it has forced, it is more important now than ever, that law firms position their practices to maintain the attention of clients and continue to expand on those relationships.

Outdated websites send a variety of negative messages to clients and the market in general.  Competition in the legal industry has never been so fierce, and there is no sign of that changing.  It will undoubtedly continue to increase.  Your website is the best and most inexpensive 24/7 marketing employee and strategic tool that every law firm should employ.

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Our award winning marketing team at Firm Evolution is available to help.  Our wide range of law firm marketing services will be tailored to your firm to fulfill your marketing and business development needs. Contact Firm Evolution to learn more about how we can help your law firm.

Featured Case Study

Internet Privacy

Firm Evolution carries a unique expertise in public relations and media relations issues faced by law firms.

Within 24-hours of Instagram announcing a change in privacy settings for their online images, we secured significant interest among local news reporters which resulted in several media interviews of our client, Short Cressman lawyer...

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