Marketing Program Audits

Marketing Program Audits

Many law firms get caught up in the process of renewing and redoing the same marketing activities year after year without ever considering whether they are still relevant, truly effective, or of any value.

Before simply renewing a membership, sponsorship commitment, advertising agreement, directory listing or other marketing initiative, invest the time in analyzing the worthiness of the activity and how it relates to your firm’s overall strategic plan.  All marketing efforts should be in sync with the firm’s central plan and vision.  We analyze current marketing programs to ensure that a unified direction is guiding the overall marketing effort, and that key components and activities are included.  Prior to making recommendations we audit all internal and external marketing efforts including:

  • Marketing Budget Allocation
  • Marketing Department Infrastructure
  • Brand Foundation
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Client Database (CRM)
  • Client Intake Process
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Directory Listings
  • Special Publications (online and print)
  • Special Events, Seminars and Sponsorships
  • Website and Social Media Platforms

In addition to the above, we audit all marketing related systems, forms and processes that are used for monitoring and evaluating results.

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