Cross-Selling Programs

Cross-Selling Programs

We assist law firms in exploring the problems inherent in the cross-selling process; and offer solutions and suggestions to immediately implement an effective cross-selling program. It’s not uncommon to find key firm clients who use only one, or a limited number, of the many available services offered by a firm. Numerous industry studies have been conducted that indicate the more services a client buys from one law firm, the more likely they will stay with that firm. A goal for every law firm should then be to get as many of its clients buying as many services as possible.

Don’t force your clients to fly solo and figure out the mystery services your firm offers. Take the time to get a cross-selling program in place, to identify other services within the firm that should be introduced to existing clients, and taking back all the business your firm should have held in the first place. Don’t feel reluctant to make the introductions. Keep in mind that these additional services are truly additional services that benefit your clients and not simply client accommodations.

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