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Law Firm Marketing and Business Development

Firm Evolution provides marketing and business development services to the legal industry.

Our clients range from solo attorneys, to small law firms, branch offices of large firms and to companies that work with law firms (court reporters, trial consultants, and others); and from unique patent law or estate planning service firms to diverse multi service practices.

COVID-19 is affecting every aspect of our current business climate.  There are many unknowns about what a post-COVID world will look like and how big the impact will be on all industries and businesses worldwide.  As we await a magical antidote, remain hopeful and optimistic,  those in the legal industry should continue with business as usual, even though it is a far cry from “usual” for all of us to be working remotely.  Now is the time that your clients, contacts, and others you work with need to hear from you.  There has never been a better time to “check in” on your clients.  Complacency was never the answer to marketing success before COVID and it is certainly not the answer now.

Law firms, like all other businesses, need to be flexible and prepared to shift gears and make transitions as our situations evolve.  We are all operating in a constantly changing business and personal climate – which presents both opportunities and threats.  Confidently evolving in a market of unknowns, is how successful firms’ and lawyers survive and even thrive in our current environment. Do not ignore your clients, take the time to send an email or make a quick call.

We work in partnership with clients guiding them through the process of building a new marketing program, or expanding and revamping an existing program. We assist with developing strong internal marketing cultures, and external marketing activities, customized to meet the needs of the legal business, the market, and the client base.  We also work closely with individual lawyers, practice groups, industry groups, and leadership, in the development and implementation of strategic plans.  Once a solid marketing program is in place, we remain available for ongoing support as needed.

Tactical Areas We Support

A few tactical areas we offer marketing support include: program audits, marketing department infrastructures, strategic plans and marketing plans, new brand campaigns, refinement of existing brand campaigns, merging of brands, social media management and overall online marketing program development.  We have extensive experience in all of these and other activities including:

  • establishing cross-marketing programs;
  • designing client surveys and client interviewing processes;
  • developing public relations programs or one-off media pitches;
  • developing systems and processes for responding to RFPs;
  • consulting with individual  attorneys on practice and career transitions; and
  • recommendation of special events, anniversaries and client appreciation programs.

Throughout all stages of our legal marketing consulting services, clients rely on our unique blend of strategic and implementation capabilities to fulfill their marketing and business development needs.  Identifying the most effective and efficient approach and providing ongoing support to insure implementation and follow through is our ever present goal.
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Who We’ve Worked With
  •  <p>Ater Wynne</p> <p>
  •  <p>Betts Patterson Mines</p> <p>
  •  <p>Bullivant </p> <p>
  •  <p>Foster Law</p> <p>
  •  <p>Hanson Baker</p> <p>
  •  <p>HCMP</p> <p>
  •  <p>Inslee Best</p> <p>
  •  <p>Judicial Dispute</p> <p>
  •  <p>Law Offices of Stephen Hansen</p> <p>
  •  <p>Macdonald hoague</p> <p>
  •  <p>Ogden Murphy </p> <p>
  •  <p>Oles Morrison</p> <p>
  •  <p>Peterson Russell</p> <p>
  •  <p>Short Cressman</p> <p>
  •  <p>Snow Christensen</p> <p>
  •  <p>Veris</p> <p>
  •  <p>Yarmuth Wilsdon</p> <p>
  •  <p>YOM</p> <p>
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