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Law Firm Marketing & Business Development

Firm Evolution provides marketing, business development, and lawyer career coaching services to the legal industry.

Our clients range from solo attorneys, to small law firms and branch offices of large firms; and from speciality service boutiques to diverse service practices. We work in partnership with clients guiding them through the process of building an initial marketing program, expanding on an existing program or fine-tuning current processes and systems. We assist firms with developing strong internal marketing cultures, and external marketing activities, customized to meet the needs of the firm, the market and the client base.

We also work closely with individual lawyers, practice groups, industry groups and law firm management with development and implementation of strategic firm wide plans, practice or industry group plans, and individual attorney marketing plans.

In today’s business climate, complacency is a good way to lose ground fast.  Law firms, like all other businesses, need to be flexible and prepared to shift gears and make transitions as the market demands.  Lawyers today are practicing in a constantly changing business climate – which presents great opportunities and competitive threats.  Confidently evolving with clients, the industry, technology and other unknowns, is how successful firms’ and lawyers survive and even thrive in today’s environment.

Firm Evolution works closely with clients to develop and execute customized marketing and business development programs.  Once a program is in place, we remain available for ongoing support as needed.

Legal Marketing & Business Development Tactical Areas

A few tactical areas we offer law firm marketing support include: marketing audits, evaluating and organizing marketing department infrastructures; development and implementation of strategic plans and marketing plans; new brand campaigns and refinement of existing campaigns; social media management and Internet marketing program development.   We have extensive experience in all of these and other activities to include:

  • marketing program audits;
  • marketing plan and budget development (individual attorney plans, practice/industry group plans, and firm wide plans);
  • branding campaign creation, refinements and complete brand foundation overhauls;
  • establishing cross-marketing programs;
  • designing client surveys and interviewing processes;
  • developing public relations programs;
  • developing systems and processes for responding to RFPs;
  • consulting with individual attorneys (associates and partners) on career transitions; and
  • recommendation of special events, anniversaries and client appreciation programs.

At all stages of our law firm marketing consulting services, clients rely on our unique blend of strategic and implementation capabilities to fulfill their marketing and business development needs.  Identifying the most effective and efficient approach and providing ongoing support to insure implementation and follow through is our ever present goal.
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Who We’ve Worked With
  •  <p>Ater Wynne</p> <p>
  •  <p>Betts Patterson Mines</p> <p>
  •  <p>Bullivant </p> <p>
  •  <p>Cairncross</p> <p>
  •  <p>Christensen</p> <p>
  •  <p>Foster Pepper</p> <p>
  •  <p>Foster Law</p> <p>
  •  <p>Graham & Dunn</p> <p>
  •  <p>Hanson Baker</p> <p>
  •  <p>HCMP</p> <p>
  •  <p>Inslee Best</p> <p>
  •  <p>Judicial Dispute</p> <p>
  •  <p>Law Offices of Stephen Hansen</p> <p>
  •  <p>Macdonald hoague</p> <p>
  •  <p>Miller Nash</p> <p>
  •  <p>Ogden Murphy </p> <p>
  •  <p>Oles Morrison</p> <p>
  •  <p>Peterson Russell</p> <p>
  •  <p>Puget Sound </p> <p>
  •  <p>Short Cressman</p> <p>
  •  <p>Snow Christensen</p> <p>
  •  <p>Stokes Law</p> <p>
  •  <p>Veris</p> <p>
  •  <p>Yarmuth Wilsdon</p> <p>
  •  <p>YOM</p> <p>

We were there during the revolutionary impact of the Internet, the sweeping changes of the 90’s and now, into the increasingly competitive and challenging year of 2020.  In order to meet the changing times, businesses and industries have evolved and so have we.  Throughout it all, supporting the needs of our clients, to better serve their clients, has remained a constant goal.