Contract Chief Marketing Officer Services

Contract Chief Marketing Officer Services

External strategic consulting combined with internal management of firm marketing operations is the perfect combination, for a cost-effective and successful program, for smaller and mid-size law firms.  Many small and mid-size firms simply do not need a full-time marketing person and their budgets do not typically provide for an in-house Chief Marketing Officer.  Firm Evolution provides all of the same services, that a law firm would receive from a in-house marketing professional, but on a contractual as-needed basis.  Some firms hire Firm Evolution on an ongoing monthly retainer relationship from 2-3 hours/month to 30 or more hours/month.  Others seek our services for short durations and project-based activities.  These activities fall under a huge spectrum, including but not limited to: law firm mergers; launch of a new practice; physical relocation of a firm or individual attorney move; public relations/media relations project involving good news or crisis avoidance matters; website development and launch projects; and the list goes on.

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Internet Privacy

Firm Evolution carries a unique expertise in public relations and media relations issues faced by law firms.

Within 24-hours of Instagram announcing a change in privacy settings for their online images, we secured significant interest among local news reporters which resulted in several media interviews of our client, Short Cressman lawyer...

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