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Is refining your law firm’s website in your 2022 marketing budget?

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

Today’s world of advancing technology and evolving markets creates a constant reverberation through market sectors and industries.  Keeping pace to meet the demands of clients, while matching steps with competitors, requires an intense effort that law firms worldwide are still learning.  Many firms have excelled in this game while many others are falling painfully behind.

When it comes to a law firm’s website, and that high visibility showcase, there is no room for ignorance or  procrastination.  If you want to build your practice and your market position then you need to act.  Do not delay decisions or cheapen the spend on this vitally important aspect of every law firms’ short and long-term future…and survival.

Generally, the shelf life of a law firm website is 3-years.  As your 2022 budget is finalized, consider conducting a thorough website audit.  This thorough review is the best way to determine what needs to be adjusted and  can typically be done by internal marketing staff combined with an outside expert.

How does the design, the functionality, and content of your website speak to visitors?  Is it relevant and helpful?  Does it accurately depict how your firm can help prospects and existing clients?  Does it convey your firm’s unique culture and the way you serve clients?  Is your news and blog up to date with timely information clients can rely on?  If not, then outline those revisions, seek a quote if needed, set that budget, and get the work done.

Experts recommend dedicating anywhere from 2% to 18% of a business’s gross revenue on marketing.  And as a reminder, the practice of law is in fact a business.  According to a 2018 report by the Legal Marketing Association, law firms allocate an average of 6.7% of revenue to marketing.  Although, most law firms operate under a considerably lower allocation.

Is one of your firm’s 2022 goals to attract more business from existing clients, and develop new client relationships and referral sources?  I imagine it is…which means, serious consideration needs to be made about allocating a higher percentage of your firm’s revenue to marketing and specifically to your website.

As the most important marketing employee you will ever hire,  your law firm’s website is working 24/7 to connect with local, regional and international audiences . It serves the crucial function of  informing visitors what you do, how you do it, and why they should hire you over competitors.  Investing in this remarkable business development tool is one of the smartest business and marketing decisions your firm will make.

Law firms are working in a world of unprecedented competition and options.  Clients who you assume will stay with you forever can switch gears in a heartbeat.  And they will, if they believe it is in their best interest.  Buyers of legal services are savvier than ever before.  Decisions you make in your marketing and business development strategies, in the details of your online presence, are being watched.

Now is not the time to sit idle assuming your grasp on your client base and market position is solid.  It is not…no law firm owns that spot.