Marketing Department Infrastructures

Marketing Department Infrastructures & Staffing

Traditional corporate marketing department structures do not necessarily transfer well to the law firm setting.  We have significant experience in building and improving upon marketing support structures tailored to law firms.  Our infrastructure services range from developing job descriptions, to seeking appropriate candidates, to evaluating existing personnel and to making recommendations on structuring of the department overall. We assist firms with evaluating their marketing needs, internal and external support and staffing needs (including department composition and size), and help to develop an effective marketing structure.  Many variables need to be considered including the size of the firm, its market position, future plans for growth and budgetary concerns.

We conduct needs assessment surveys with the firm’s professionals and management to determine the most critical marketing functions required. We then recommend the structure necessary to meet the firm’s needs.

Building a solid marketing support structure within any company, is paramount to the development and implementation of the overall marketing plan and efforts.

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Our range of law firm marketing infrastructure services will be tailored to the needs of your firm.  Contact Firm Evolution to learn more about how we can help.

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