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Recognize Your Law Firm’s PR Potential

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

How a public relations expert can benefit your law firm.

Public relations (PR) can be a valuable tool in any law firm’s marketing arsenal, to develop law firm growth and strengthen its industry profile.

Many lawyers see PR as an unnecessary expense involving a significant budget, therefore not deserving a second thought. However, smart lawyers are more prepared to appreciate PR’s potential, though they expect substantial, fact-based data to back it up.

Well-thought-out public relations strategies can assist law firms in sustaining or developing their images, promoting law firm development and even position individual attorneys as experts in the legal industry.

Attorneys and law firms who are showcased across media platforms, such as newspaper, radio, television and online, as quoted specialists or legal authorities are recognized as more credible. In addition, once successfully associated with the media, law firms and attorneys are often called upon to provide expert commentary.

Most attorneys are highly aware of the effort it takes to not only secure clients but retain them as well. Competition can be ruthless, creating the need to elevate your legal name above the competitive noise and be noticed. Public relations can operate as an important tool for building and developing a firm’s reputation, practice area distinction and expert advice.

Benefits of public relations for a law firm.

Third party endorsement

When a client sees third party coverage of a service, it is looked at far differently than a standard, paid for advertisement. When we see an ad, we immediately recognize that the company is trying to sell us something. When a third party, like the media, recommends that service, the company gains credibility. Clients are much more likely to seek legal advice or services based on third party endorsement than an advertisement.

Building your brand

A consistent PR plan will help build general awareness of your legal services and brand, and will enhance any advertising and direct marketing efforts. This visibility also gives the impression that your law firm is bigger and more well-known than it may be, which can help you draw in new attorneys and new business.

Search engine optimization

Anytime you have wanted to look for a specific product or service, you more than likely used a search engine to do some online research. Public relations can help you profit from this process. A well-written article on an online news site, a broadcast clip aired online, or a press release circulated throughout various websites, can all provide valuable links to your law firm’s website which will increase your rank on Google.

Cost effectiveness

Public relations are also beneficial for your bottom line. PR is considerably less expensive than advertising and the return on investment of focused PR strategies can be far more substantial than those of advertising. One effectively placed media release can lead to a significant increase in clients and law firm growth, and because many lawyers usually have a fascinating and unique story to tell, they are interesting to the media.

There is no lack of competition confronting attorneys and law firms today. So it is crucial to find the right PR firm to help lay the groundwork for a solid public relations strategy.

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