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How to Make Your Law Firm Stand Out in a Crowd

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

What makes your law firm different from all the rest?

You have years of legal education and experience.

You have a great office with a nice view.

You have an impeccable track record of cases won.

You care and will do all that is necessary to help your client.

So, what makes you different from every other lawyer out there?

As you market your firm, you need to communicate what exactly sets you apart from all of your other competitors. Bear in mind that before a potential client decides to hire you, they first have to want to contact you. And since you have the marketing skills of a god, there should be no problems drawing them in, right? Of course!

Keeping your focus on your competitive advantages and telling the world why you are different will stand you out in a crowd.


There will always be those clients that don’t contact you and you may never know why. Maybe they changed their mind, maybe they didn’t care for the website or maybe they saw a negative review on Yelp. Whatever the reason, that potential client has no reason to take the time and come explain how you lost their business.

Instead of hiding out in your office and wondering the day away, tell them precisely why they should contact you. Here are some ideas to hopefully point you in the right direction of getting your bragging list together:

  • Graduated top of the class or with top honors from law school
  • Recognition, newspaper article or achievement award from a reputable organization
  • 5-star online rating
  • Team of expert attorneys
  • Notable verdict in a specific case
  • Extensive, verified list of satisfied client testimonials
  • Decades that the firm has been in existence

Anything that makes you legitimately stand out from your competition is a requirement and an obligation to your success to communicate that to your potential clients. Never assume that people know anything about you.

The points listed above should be reason enough to contact you. They matter for very significant and quantifiable reasons because they can facilitate winning a case. They also speak to your ability to show each of your clients that they are important and you will fight for them. Law firms that ignore their clients, don’t return phone calls or have bad customer service skills won’t be around for very long. The level of service you provide your clients will reinforce the brand you presented in your marketing.


Publicizing your competitive advantages will in turn lead to phone calls and contacts. Here is where the real work begins: meeting your clients’ expectations. Your level of service excellence is another method to elevating you above your competitors. Beyond acquiring new clients, it can help you retain current clients.

  • Evaluate your client’s experience with your firm
  • How are all of your clients greeted either on the phone or in person?
  • How are they treated when waiting in the lobby?
  • Do you respond promptly to phone calls, letters or emails?
  • Does your law firm’s letterhead, business cards and marketing materials clearly identify ways to contact you?
  • Do you send out letters of appreciation or “Thank You” cards to existing and new clients?

Don’t lose clients or future business because you took it for granted. Clients always have a choice of where to go for legal services and representation. Make sure you are communicating all of your competitive advantages and discovering new ways to make your law firm and services stand out. Once you’ve earned a phone call from a potential client, put the effort and time into retaining more business and gaining testimonials that can be used in future marketing efforts. Small investments of time now can lead to considerable returns in the future.
There is no shortage of competition facing attorneys and law firms today. It’s critical that lawyers lay a strong foundation for a solid legal marketing strategy.

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