Client Testimonials

"We can’t say enough about Jennifer Macqueen’s help in organizing and focusing our marketing and business development activities. She has taken us from a total scatter shot situation to a thoughtful, goal-directed, and planned approach that is tied to"
- Managing Partner

"Jennifer is a consummate professional – responsive, engaged, and efficient. Her creative approach adds real value to projects large and small. I recommend her without reservation."
- Partner

"For over 10 years now, Jennifer has been an invaluable resource in helping our firm stay on course in our marketing and branding strategies, keeping up with industry trends, new developments, and reinforcing good individual attorney marketing habits."
- Managing Partner

"I have known Jennifer for over 15 years. We initially met when she was the Marketing Director of a large firm where I practiced. She has amazing attention to detail, is creative and responsive to the needs of attorneys."
- Partner

"Jennifer understands the culture of law firms and how to make inroads. She carefully listens and then crafts expert advice that provides a clear and understandable path to achieve our marketing goals."
- Partner

"Jennifer is a top-notch marketing professional who provides excellent strategic business development advice, but with a clear understanding of practice business realities."
- Managing Partner

Who We’ve Worked With
  •  <p>Ater Wynne</p> <p>
  •  <p>Betts Patterson Mines</p> <p>
  •  <p>Bullivant </p> <p>
  •  <p>Foster Law</p> <p>
  •  <p>Hanson Baker</p> <p>
  •  <p>HCMP</p> <p>
  •  <p>Inslee Best</p> <p>
  •  <p>Judicial Dispute</p> <p>
  •  <p>Law Offices of Stephen Hansen</p> <p>
  •  <p>Macdonald hoague</p> <p>
  •  <p>Ogden Murphy </p> <p>
  •  <p>Oles Morrison</p> <p>
  •  <p>Peterson Russell</p> <p>
  •  <p>Short Cressman</p> <p>
  •  <p>Snow Christensen</p> <p>
  •  <p>Veris</p> <p>
  •  <p>Yarmuth Wilsdon</p> <p>
  •  <p>YOM</p> <p>