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Blogging Benefits for Your Law Firm

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

Why consistent, useful, thought-provoking blog posts can increase your online visibility.

Attorneys have a hard time keeping up with their blogging amongst all of their other daily duties. Although most recognize the necessity to be visible on social media, they often “set it and neglect it”, failing to remember that social media and blogging is an animal that needs to be constantly fed to reap any reward.

Even if you are buried under a demanding schedule and only have time to do one more thing, make it blogging. When done properly, blogging can elevate your firm above the others that practice the same type of law, in the same geographical area for approximately the same price.

Some of the major benefits of blogging for lawyers include:

  • Blogging regularly keeps your law firm’s content fresh
  • A blog provides information and material that can be posted on social media sites
  • Socially sharing blog posts increases your visibility, drives traffic to your firm’s website and achieves improved SEO results
  • Blogging establishes you as an innovative thinker and an expert in your field
  • Blogging builds awareness about your legal practice, which will increase client engagement and generate potential leads
  • The more often you blog, the more substance you build and the more prominence and credibility you gain.

Before you tackle your next blog, keep in mind that readers usually want quick, useful information that contains the author’s unique opinions and insight. Blog posts should be brief, original and thought-provoking, and they should always include a call-to-action that provides readers with a reason to contact your firm or at the very least, return to your site.

For law firms looking to develop a successful online presence, make your blog:


  • Include links in your blogs
  • Link to related sources, articles and other online channels
  • Network with other blogs and link back to your own


  • Divide up text for easier reading
  • Use headers, images and bold fonts
  • Make text visually concise and engaging


  • Reply to comments on your post
  • Participate in conversations with readers
  • Give readers an option to socially share your posts


  • Use links, tags and keywords to improve SEO
  • Post articles on your social media channels
  • Make people aware of your web presence

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