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Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

It’s virtually impossible to go a single day without seeing some reference in the news about the prevalence of social media. Nearly every organization and company has social media icons on their website, and television networks will often end a broadcast of a show or newscast with “be sure to like us on Facebook.”

But how does social media exposure apply to the legal field? Can a law firm successfully market its services via social media? Is the legal field one industry where all that’s required of social media is to have a presence—for example, having a simple Facebook page and a basic LinkedIn profile—but not actively use these platforms as marketing vehicles?

Social Media at a Glance

If you are engaged with social media only because other firms are doing it, and barely have more than a page that you rarely update, it would be wise to reconsider your approach and view social media as an easy tool you can use to ramp up your marketing. There really aren’t very many other ways to reach such broad audiences at so little cost.

There are a lot of statistics that validate the importance of social media. For example:

  • Another 2014 study, of over 600 consumers, this time from Hubspot, showed that there is a high expectation across several age groups that companies maintain a Facebook page: 95 percent of Millennials, 87 percent of Gen X, and perhaps most surprising, 70 percent of people ages 45 to 60, believe that all brands should have a Facebook page.
  • In 2014, only 44 percent of responding attorneys said they used social media for client development purposes (from the ABA’s 2014 Legal Technology Report).

The Benefits to Law Firms in Having a Social Media Presence

How can actively engaging in social media help your firm?

Before answering, be aware that it is not necessary to spread your firm across more than a few platforms. Although there are quite a number of different social media vehicles, many truly are “social” in nature and are not very business-focused. At the least, you should have a Facebook and LinkedIn presence, with perhaps a Twitter account as well. You can leave Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest to your private life.

But these presences are only as good as how current they are. If you can devote a few hours at a minimum each week to posting relevant, timely, helpful content, you will draw in new customers and keep current customers interested in your firm. In fact, many consumers are now using search engines to find Facebook and LinkedIn profiles before even visiting a company’s website.

Time is really the only resource required to maintain a lively social media presence: there is very little, to no, financial expenditure. Take the effort to identify a purpose to your posts (targeting new customers, for example), develop a strategy, and build a calendar to ensure that your content stays fresh and engaging.

Here are just a few pointers to consider when updating your page or profile, or sending a tweet:

  • Share important news about your firm, such as after you have won a big case.
  • Regularly publish posts on LinkedIn to demonstrate thought leadership.
  • Welcome new members who have joined your firm and include a short biography of the new employee.
  • Share your knowledge: be the educator so that your clients will come to rely on you for important pieces of information.
  • Cross reference: if you have a blog, make sure to cross-link blog posts across all social media platforms you use.
  • If you have a Twitter account, join in on conversations and comment on relevant news articles.
  • Think about adding paid social advertising to your marketing budget.

Let the Marketing Pros at Firm Evolution Help

If all of this sounds too overwhelming, and you don’t have the necessary time to make a real impact with social media, then consult with the marketing professionals at Firm Evolution. We can help you build a marketing strategy that incorporates all the benefits that social media has to offer. We have a skilled social media advisor on our team, as well as a professional writer and other resources to help you market your firm using the latest best practices. Firm Evolution serves clients in Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Madison, Wisconsin. Call us today at 206.321.3220 or feel free to submit an online inquiry.