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Results of 2017 Survey on Lawyers Use of Social Media

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

In it’s third survey on lawyers and social media habits, Attorney at Work reports on interesting trends by lawyers and their use of social media marketing. Results of the report indicated that:

  • 96% of responding lawyers say they use social media
    • 84% use LinkedIn
    • 80% use Facebook
    • 59% use Twitter
  • 70% of responding lawyers say social media is part of their overall marketing strategy
  • 67% handle all of their social marketing activities themselves
  • 23% get some help with handling their social marketing
  • 10% farm out their social marketing
  • 94% of solos say they use social media, up 10% from last year
    • 82% of solos use LinkedIn
    • 78% of solos use Facebook
    • 60% of solos use Twitter

Individual lawyers and law firms continue to engage in social media activities as a key part of their overall marketing program. That small percentage of lawyers, who choose not to partake in these online relationship building tools, are falling further and further behind in their market positions.  Times have certainly changed and methods for outreach to establish and grow networks of contacts has evolved.  Take advice from Socrates, The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.  

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