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Marketing Audits for Law Firms

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

n many industries, the word “audit” has a negative connotation. Most of the time, no one welcomes being audited, as it may imply that you have done something wrong, or that you need to be checked up on. But when it comes to marketing audits, there are many benefits that can be realized from going through the process.

What Comprises a Marketing Audit?

“Marketing Audit” is a term for taking stock of all the elements that comprise your marketing efforts, and should span the very simple—like your mission, vision, and values—to the more complex or specific strategies for achieving the objectives included in your marketing plan.

A few, but by no means all, of the areas that are commonly touched in a marketing audit include:

  1. Making sure your mission, vision and values are incorporated into all other pieces of your marketing
  2. Ensuring that your marketing plan is up to date and in line with your firm’s goals, capabilities, target client profile, and technology
  3. Checking all advertising, from the simplest of placements (e.g., listings in legal directories), to more complex efforts (such as digital banner advertising), for accuracy and effectiveness.
  4. Taking an in-depth look at your website, social media presence, and any email marketing
  5. Evaluating your budget by reviewing your firm’s history of ad dollars spent, public relations outlays, and other marketing expenditures, and if possible, an assessment should be made for return on investment (ROI)
  6. Reviewing relationship management strategies – does your firm utilize a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system to solidify, grow, and attract relationships? Is this a mechanism that should be introduced into your marketing strategy?
  7. Evaluating opportunities – are you taking advantage of speaking opportunities at events, seminars, and conferences? Have you shared your knowledge and expertise at events where you can reach new clients and reconnect with old colleagues? In addition to speaking engagements, legal seminars and talks should be considered for networking opportunities, even if you aren’t an official presenter or speaker.

What Are the Benefits of a Marketing Audit?

The goal in undertaking an audit is very simple – determine what is working, and what isn’t. While you may have a general idea of whether a certain campaign was successful or not, have you holistically looked at the big picture? Do you know how each component contributes to your overall marketing strategy? In the end, when a marketing audit report is completed, you should have in-hand:

  • New ideas to explore;
  • A culling of old, worn-out tactics that are no longer relevant or effective;
  • Clear guidance for the future.

Who Should Conduct Your Marketing Audit?

A successful marketing audit takes time and commitment and is difficult to produce from the inside. Turn to the professionals at Firm Evolution to guide this very important endeavor. We serve law firms in Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Madison, Wisconsin, with a wide range of legal marketing services. Our specialty is assessing firms’ current marketing programs to ensure that a unified direction is guiding the overall marketing effort. Contact Firm Evolution at 206.321.3220, or submit our online contact form, to learn more>