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Legal Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

t is always important to be alert to changes and new developments in the legal marketing world. The new year brings with it new trends and challenges when it comes to initiating and maintaining relationships with your clients. Let’s take a look at some of the important legal marketing developments on the horizon for 2016.

Websites and Digital Strategy: Mobile First and Content “Storytelling”

Agile law firms will need to pursue a “Mobile First” approach when it comes to design or re-design of their websites in 2016. In addition to making their sites responsive across multiple mobile platforms, leading law firms will be cognizant of maintaining a strong online presence via social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

And while multiple media channels bring increased opportunities to make and develop new relationships, the increased demand presents challenges when it comes to content. “Storytelling,” the ability to present information in a more relatable manner in order to connect with an audience on a deeper emotional level, has never been more important. Firms will need to have rich and continually refreshed content on their websites to maintain client connections and maximize search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.

As this need for quality content becomes critical to the ongoing success of websites in 2016, firms must think about resource allocation in order to maximize ROI and lead generation potential.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

An emerging trend in 2016 is a focus on CRM tools for lawyers. This is becoming more clearly defined for law firms as they focus on evaluating and measuring existing relationships. CRM systems are evolving from simple mailing list management tools to relationship intelligence and business development tools at a rapid pace.

It will be important for firms to leverage existing technology to grow and maintain relationships. Therefore, the use of more robust CRM systems can integrate these multifaceted tools that are now so essential to marketing strategies.

Law Firm Branding

As the legal industry’s competitive landscape grows increasingly crowded each year, the ability to stand out from the crowd remains essential. Connecting with potential clients and remaining connected to them requires distinct messaging and refreshed branding. Authentic yet unique messaging requires that firms know their target clients and the parts of the market they do best.

Client service delivery and knowledge sharing, not traditionally associated with law firm marketing, will now be areas of focus as firms attempt to extend their brands. The level, style, and personality of service being brought to client relationships are what make brands resonate with a target audience.

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