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Lead Your Practice Group Like a Wolf Pack

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

A hierarchical order exists within a wolf pack.  Every animal knows its place.  It is organized intentionally to insure the pack is protecting its young and weak, and defending their territory against intruders. 

See the image below, the first 3 wolves in the pack are the old and sick.  They are in the front to set the pace of the entire pack.  Next, are the 5 strongest and best who are tasked with protecting the front of the team from an attack.  In the center are the rest of the pack members, who are always protected from an attack coming from any direction.  Then the next 5 are also among the strongest, following to protect the back side of the team.  Of great importance is the last wolf who is alone.  This is the alpha and LEADER who controls everything from the back of the group.  A wolf pack leader ensures no one is left behind and is always ready to run in any direction to protect, and to serve as  ‘bodyguard’ for the entire group. 

Observing a video of a pack on the move will shed light on what it means to be a leader.  It is not about being out front, guiding your pack from a distance, and not about going off on your own assuming others will find their place in the group eventually.  Leading means paying close attention, being fully tuned in to what is happening at all times, positioning individuals based on the value they bring to the group, and taking really good care of your team.  

If you are currently leading a practice group, a firm committee, or a law firm overall, and not doing so with a Wolf Pack mindset – due to lack of interest, time, or other reasons – then you need to reconsider your role.  Make the necessary changes today or pass the baton.