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Former Major League Pitcher Brad Woodall Offering Motivational Talks to Madison Law Firms

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen


April 11, 2018: MADISON, WI – Former MLB pitcher and current owner of Woodall Baseball Academy, Brad Woodall, partners with Firm Evolution to provide motivational speaking presentations to Madison area law firms.  Brad Woodall is immediately available to book for firm retreats, practice group meetings, associate or partnership gatherings, and other small or large group functions.

Brad customizes each presentation to address the specific needs and desires of the firm and attorneys.  His unique presentation style involves tying in his baseball career, his coaching, and his experience transitioning from a MLB player to a successful entrepreneur.  Drawing on an extensive career playing with the Braves, Brewers and Cubs, and being part of one of the best pitching staffs ever assembled with Atlanta’s World Series Champions (1995), Brad shares stories that easily transfer from the world of pro ball to the board room –  commitment, focus, patience, bettering yourself through practice, teamwork, entrepreneurial drive, work/life balance, managing people, and more.

For immediate booking, contact Brad Woodall directly (608-213-6261, or contact Jennifer Iverson (206-321-3220,  With the baseball season in full swing, availability is limited now through summer and Fall speaking engagement slots are filling up fast.

President and founder of Firm Evolution, Jennifer Iverson said, “In working with law firms for over 25-years, I’ve heard dozens of motivational speakers.  Most had varied backgrounds in the corporate world,” Jennifer further mentioned, “I’m constantly on the lookout for fresh new speakers who really inspire and energize my lawyer clients who are trying to survive and thrive in today’s highly competitive legal industry. “  During an event earlier this year, Jennifer had the opportunity to hear a talk by Brad Woodall, “When I first heard Brad present, I was immediately tuned in and felt almost too captivated to walk away.  It wasn’t only what he was saying, but how impassioned he was, and how moving his stories were.   It definitely resonated with the audience.”

When the event was over, rather than stroll out of the room with devices in tow quickly powering up to check voice and email messages, Jennifer noticed attendees were instead engaged in conversation.  “We were all talking about what was said and recalling memorable parts of the stories he told.”  Jennifer further said that attendees seemed to be pondering how they could – hopefully would – apply changes to their professional and personal lives based on the message points Brad shared.   “I approached Brad immediately afterwards and asked if he’d please consider talking to law firms – I felt the legal industry would really benefit from his talk.”

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