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Does your website content recognize the unprecedented state of our country today? If not, it should!

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

We are now over seven months into an unprecedented worldwide pandemic, riding out catastrophic wild fires, experiencing horrific results of climate change, suffering daily deadly hate crimes, and approaching the most contentious presidential election in history.  There is nothing at all ordinary right now about the state of the world and the state of our country.

Every single life, human and otherwise, has or will be touched by one or more of these events.  If your law firm has not yet taken the time to update its website content, to at least recognize that a pandemic is unfolding, then you are not following through with your promise to be a client-focused provider.  You are instead sending a louder message, that it doesn’t matter and is not that important.  Because if it did matter and it was that important, it would be addressed.

If your reason for not editing practice content is because you are not sure who is responsible for making this happen, then take the lead.  Print the pages of content that relate to your line of work, including your bio, and apply your red pen.  Get those marked up pages to your firm’s marketing department or legal administrator and request that they be uploaded right away.  Most websites can be edited in real-time and every day you wait is another day you show how little you care.

Practices that should immediately be updated include: bankruptcy & creditors’ rights, general business, business formations & contracts, employment law, family law & estate planning, government law, healthcare, insurance law, construction law, financial institutions, fraud, medical malpractice, personal injury, probate, recreation & entertainment, transportation law, victim advocacy, and more.

Knowing your website content is out of date and irrelevant to the extraordinary uncommon times, is reason enough for prospects not to choose you over the competition, and reason enough for existing clients not to rehire you.

If you need help making these edits happen, I am happy to jump in just contact me directly at or call/text to 206.321.3220.