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Considering Registering a New .Law Domain Name? Here are some things to think about.

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

Several of our clients have asked for our guidance in purchasing a new dot-law domain name.  As with past new top-level extensions, it’s difficult to predict whether this one will catch on. Other industry domain extensions never took off as intended – dot-build, dot-hotel, dot-insurance, and the list goes on – so it’s difficult to forecast whether the new dot-law will offer a unique advantage for the legal industry.

With a sunrise sale of $200 – considerably more than a typical $10-$25 domain registration fee – operators of this new domain appear to be using this as an immediate profit generator, targeting deep law firm pockets (nothing new there).

Should you register your .law domain name for your law firm now, or later?

That said, and even with the unknowns, we believe it’s worth purchasing.  If your firm holds a common name, then we recommend you purchase your applicable dot-law soon and at the higher price if necessary.  For unusual firm names, you should be okay waiting for the price to drop to the anticipated $36 fee (still costly for a domain).

It may take a while for dot-law to catch on, and it may never, but at least you’ll own it if it does.

If you get a .law domain, you should still keep your existing domain.

We would not advise a firm to switch over to dot-law from their existing main domain.  The longer you own and actively use a domain, the more valuable it becomes.  That historical Internet presence helps your SEO, sustains your brand, and holds a lot of value.  Once registered, this new dot-law should instead be redirected to your main site.

For solo attorneys launching a new site, and for the formation of new firms, dot-law might offer a chance to purchase an ideal domain name that wasn’t available under dot-com options.

Registration requires proof that you’re a licensed lawyer

If you’re considering registering for protective reasons, you should know that dot-law domain’s verification process eliminates the threat of “cyber squatters” – registrants must prove they are a licensed lawyer to lock in the purchase.

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