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Climate change activists are holding law firms accountable #DoneWithDunn

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

LA-based Gibson Dunn, a 1,200 attorney law firm, is being held accountable for not just how they practice law but for who they represent.  A group of law students and climate change activists are specifically targeting Gibson Dunn in their #DoneWithDunn campaign, denouncing the firm’s representation of fossil fuel industry clients.

We should all be concerned about the future.  But it’s obviously the younger generations who sadly have more to lose and are becoming particularly intolerable about what is not being done to drive change for a healthier planet.  This post of mine is not intended to further promote the singling out of clients’ legal counsel, but to continue drawing attention to this issue.  I absolutely do believe something must be done, at a much higher level, and done soon.

As Bill Gates Jr. wrote in his recently released book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, “We can’t solve a problem like climate change without an honest accounting of how much we need to do and what obstacles we need to overcome.” He further compares fossil fuels to water, “They’re so pervasive that it can be hard to grasp all the ways in which they touch our lives.” #climatechange #sustainability #environment #climatecrisis