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Be kind and respectful to everyone you encounter, including job applicants

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

A couple of reasons this recent Wall Street Journal article is such an important read for all employers including members of law firm recruiting and hiring committees.

First, as a simple matter of professional respect, the interview process should be completed full circle – for every candidate.  Individuals who take the time to apply to your firm, for any position, should be notified in a timely fashion of their standing.  Nothing short of common courtesy.  Whether they are not right for the position, are still in the running, or if the firm has decided to delay filling the position. It is never appropriate to leave applicants hanging for weeks, months, or an eternity.

Second, every person who comes in to contact with your law firm, is a potential client or conduit to a potential client.  This includes all vendors, expert witnesses, reporters, shared building tenants, and job applicants and others.

I have personally, on more than one occasion, deterred the hiring of a lawyer based on unpleasant experiences with that person (or their firm) through my consulting work.  As a primary referral source for lawyer-to-lawyer work or in-house counsel to outside counsel work, I can choose to make the introduction, or not.  People really to refer work to people they like and trust.  It never hurts to be respectful and kind, make your choice a good one. hashtaghiring hashtagrecruitment hashtagcareer hashtaginterviewing