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COVID-19 Communicate with clients during times of crisis

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

In times of crisis, particularly this unprecedented worldwide crisis, it is more important than ever that lawyers reach out to their clients.  This is not a time to wait for clients to contact you as they try to recoil from their new reality.  It is a time for you to be contacting them and providing helpful reassurance, guidance, and information.

With worldwide markets disrupted, personal lives and careers in complete disorder, this is the time when lawyers should be in close contact with clients.  You know they are losing sleep, we are all losing sleep.  Living in a world with so many unknowns.  Unsure when life will return to “normal.”  And when it does, what will that new “normal” even look like?  During this “first ever” occurrence, nobody really knows when or how life will resume.

You are a trusted advisor.  Every one of your clients is unique, and is certainly going through a variety of unique issues personally and professionally.  As a business lawyer make sure they understand the CARES Act.  Do they qualify for an SBA Disaster Relief Loan?  Is there anything you or the firm can do to help them get through the next few months?  If you are an estate planning lawyer, consider doing a few well-checks by phone on your elderly estate planning clients.  At the least, make sure your clients know how to reach you given your remote work situation – email or cell phone?  There is a wide range of varied legal service that are or will be needed, including:

  • Capital Markets Offerings
  • Contractual Breach/Supply Chain Considerations
  • Corporate Governance
  • Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Insurance Services
  • International Trade Ramifications
  • Labor, Employment and Immigration (I9)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Privacy and Information Security
  • Public Health Emergency Authorities
  • Real Estate Issues
  • SEC Disclosures
  • Tax Implications

As the virus outbreak continues to spread and life shifts and spins in response, remember the role you play in the lives of your clients.  They need to know you are out there thinking of them and available to answer questions off-the-clock.  I like to believe that the best of humanity shines through in the worst of times.