Litigation Practice

Helping Create a new Litigation Marketing Plan saved 42 Attorney Firm from downsizing.

Represented 42 Attorney Firm with a litigation practice that was uncertainly slow. Immediately convened all litigation group attorneys for an initial presentation followed by a group discussion. One-on-one meetings were then set up with each litigator for purposes of building individual marketing plans with specific action items and timelines.  After the individual plans were completed, they were used as a guide for development of the firm’s overall Litigation Group marketing plan. The initial process of the plan development, both individual and group plans, took place over a three month span; implementation of the action items was immediate with 100% commitment by all attorneys in the Litigation Group. Within 14 months of the initial presentation, this firm’s litigation practice was once again growing with new business (from existing and new firm clients). Within two years, the firm – which was previously considering downsizing the litigation group due to lack of business – was recruiting new litigators in order to keep up with the new business demands.