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Basic Blogging Tips for Law Firms

Posted by Jennifer Macqueen

Why posting valuable information in your legal blog is the answer to what your potential clients are searching for.
In the beginning, people that blogged, or bloggers, were initially mocked and made fun of by journalists and professional writers. Now it seems everyone has a blog and it has proved to be a very powerful and thought-provoking way to add fresh, continuous content websites.

Law firm blogs offer visitors, clients and colleagues an informal environment to convey helpful information, stories and resources not otherwise found on the pages of a website. A blog allows for readers’ comments, personal opinions, how-to’s, new updates, humorous stories and upcoming events, all narrated with a more casual tone. Not to mention it’s an excellent way to showcase your killer writing skills to attract potential new clients and others within the legal industry.

Most law firms cannot dedicate a lot of time every day to marketing their practices. Outside of their circle and past clients, most people don’t think about law firms, that is, until they need an attorney. When potential clients need a lawyer, they typically turn to two places. They ask their family and friends or they do an online search. The first method comes with being a good attorney and developing a good referral network. The second is bit more complex.

Harness the SEO power of blogging
Every day millions of people search for all kinds of information, products and services online. Google put this knowledge to work back in 2012 with Knowledge Graph which is Google’s system for organizing information about millions of well-known people, places and things across the world. Google’s algorithms merge information about these entities from numerous data sources and with the Knowledge Graph, people and organizations can customize their own data by adding structured data markup to their official website. While search engines continue to provide tools to help identify popular search terms and drive traffic, the only thing that really matters is, “website content that addresses the multitude of questions concerning your practice area”.

A blog is an excellent place to respond to questions that potential clients may have. Such as, “What to do if you have been injured at work?” Or, “What should I do if I have been served a Summons and Complaint?”

Questions similar to these may already be addressed somewhere else on your website, but blog posts that discuss or give step-by-step instructions on them allows the search engines to notice that you have an entire page dedicated to addressing that one issue or question. This increases the chances of that page ranking higher for that particular query, and in turn makes your law firm’s website more visible.

Blogs can also be used to provide legal commentary on new laws and current events, or to relate how a national event will affect local laws. People who are searching online for a specific reason, or for an answer to a question, want to see recently updated information. A person is more likely to pay attention to the information in a current blog post than one that is outdated from several years ago, regardless of whether the law has changed or not. Furthermore, websites that are frequently updated give clients, potential clients and peers the impression that you have expertise and are an authority in your practice area.

Producing more content gives you a larger site that provides valuable information to potential visitors and search engines will begin to regard your site as an authority on those topics, which in turn will show your site in more search results. The most important thing to remember is it all comes back to the content of your website. Writing a blog post everyday may seem like too much work for most attorneys, but try to incorporate it into your daily routine.

Blog posts and web pages are two of the most effective ways to add valuable, relevant content to your law firm’s website, so why aren’t you doing it?

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