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American people have have voted, a new president elected, time to move on

Posted by Jennifer Iverson

Americans 2020 presidential election broke all kinds of records primarily the most votes ever cast by any presidential nominee in U.S. history.  Congratulations to the Biden/Harris campaign for a hard fought battled and fair win.

As the new administration presses on through formal transitioning steps, I am hopeful that a peaceful transfer of power will occur and our democracy will be respected.

Biden’s historical win, with over 70 million votes, carries great relief for many of us – as if the weight of the country has been compressing our lungs and scrambling our minds.  I realize there are a lot of people – basically a bit less than half the country – who do not share this same relief.  We all carry injuries from what did or didn’t occur, and perhaps there is a path to healing from one of the most divisive periods in our country.  There are so many more important, timely, urgent, life and death matters we need to address.

COVID continues to kill and haunt the world with Americans taking it extraordinarily hard right now.  Repairing our economy and getting people back in the labor force is paramount for the overall health of our nation and its people.

Not only have the past four years divided our nation, but sadly, those same conflicts have rained hard on many families – mine included.  In the end, it is, “We the People of the United States…” who must press on.  I do believe it possible that with time,  governments, politicians, individuals, and families can find their way back to a peaceful resolution.

Life is precious, it is short, our health and happiness will prevail.